Laminated Flooring

Signature Series

Our Signature Series elevates the ambience of your home or office and adds a touch of luxury into the equation. Choose from our selection of the finest laminated flooring from our Signature Series range. Made from premium quality materials, as well as 5,600 tones of VCOMPACT™ compression. This series is backed with a Lifetime warranty, Get A Floor Signature Series laminated floors are beautifully made to last. Backed with lifetime warranty.

1. Outer Protection

  • Highest clarity
  • Made from Aluminium Oxide (AL203) which has high endurance for wear and tear
  • Ensures stain free surface
  • First of its kind:Enhance Wood texture comparable to real wood texture.
  • Eco-friendly product consisting of non-toxic or non-heavy metal substances and is able to be disposed as a non-water pollutant
  • Engineered in USA

2. Design Layer

  • Realistic pattern and texture design
  • Exotic wood finishing appearance
  • Non-toxic biodegradable decorative paper
  • Long lasting visual effect and fade resistant
  • High precision and definition printing quality
  • Europe origin

3. Hydroseal Edge Protective System

  • Highest moisture proof
  • Minimizing squeaky sounds
  • Exceptional stability

4. Easy Installation

  • Our unique Swiss + Joint Systemdesign perfectly syncs with one another for optimal performance and durability.
  • Swiss + Joint is the fastest and easiest installation available, just simply angle the plank at a 25 degree angle and lock the planks in.

5. Balancing Film

  • Dimension stability and support
  • Moisture Proof
  • Graded as non-hazardous and zero-water toxicity
  • Europe origin

6. VCOMPACTTM Tropical Hardwood HDF

  • Superior Moisture proof
  • Swelling test <8% (exceeding European
  • Standard of 18%)
  • Selected tropical species such as Meranti and Nyatoh
  • Coreboards fortified by V-Compacta compression
  • Manufactured with reusable wood slabs obtained within the compound to minimisze compression of timber logs
  • Comply with the Euro Standard (EN 13329) certified by EPH Institute of Wood Technology in Germany
  • Tested and abides to the European norm (EN-717-1) of low formaldehyde emission
  • 100% Malaysia origin

Natural Termite Repellant

  • 100% Malaysian Tropical Hardwood HDF from sustainable Sarawak forests
  • All natural repellant for termites, microbes and other microorganisms without destroying their habitat
  • Safe and healthy living assured without harmful chemical substances

VCOMPACTTM Compression

Coreboards under a double pressing process with 5600 tonnes of weight to greatly enhance durability and strength. This method of enforcement increases the coreboard’s overall lifespan and reduces expansion and contraction.



With our exclusive warranty of lifetime for our signature series laminate flooring.

Oakaliciously Divine

191 x 1205 x 8mm (2,48 sqft/pc)


191 x 1205 x 8mm (2,48 sqft/pc)

Cocktail De Amecanot

191 x 1205 x 8mm (2,48 sqft/pc)

How Oak Are you

191 x 1205 x 8mm (2,48 sqft/pc)

Quaker Oak

191 x 1205 x 8mm (2,48 sqft/pc)

Sirocco Oak

191 x 1205 x 8mm (2,48 sqft/pc)