Bamboo Polymer Composite

is for outdoor spaces where a deck is desirable, but maintenance is drawback, we introduce Avant Deck – an all-new range of bamboo polymer composite (BPC) decks! Made from bamboo and high-density Polypropylene (HDPP), Avant Deck is an environmentally friendly, durable, and low maintenance decking solution for your outdoor needs. Get A Floor Avant Deck selection of high quality decks are designed to blend with the surrounding nature, while exuding a sense of luxury to your outdoor space, be it decking, bypaths, pavilions, platforms, wall decorations or pool areas.

Step Forward Into A Greener Tomorrow.

With bamboo being one of the fastest growing raw materials in the world, bamboo polymer composite (BPC) decks have become an ecological reasonable alternative to traditional hardwood decks. A preferred choice among the eco-friendly crowd, Get A Floor Sdn Bhd are not only luxurious, low maintenance and long lasting, they are also better for environment.

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Environmentally Friendly

Our bamboo polymer composite (BPC) decks are not only barefoot-friendly, they’re also made of 100% recyclable raw materials.

Made For The Outdoors

With its waterproof and UV resistant capabilities, Avant Deck is designed to withstand wind, rain and shine, making it ideal for outdoor spaces. Our anti-slip bamboo plastic composite (BPC) decks are also termite resistant, anti-mildew and anti-decay.

Built To Last

Avant Deck was made for carefree owners. This flexible, durable and fade resistant deck is guaranteed to last over the years with its high bending resistance, superior surface hardness and high colour stability.

Easy Installation, Low Maintenance

Say goodbye to cutting, drilling, nailing, painting or staining with Avant Deck. Installation is quick and easy with adjustable specifications and a selection of shapes to choose from.

Warranty Protection For Your Peace of Mind

Worry less and spend more time basking in the sun on your Avant Deck, knowing it’s protected with an 30-years warranty* that covers moisture, wear, fade, crack and defects.

Typical Components of Bamboo Polymer

Remarks / Installation Guideline
5. Decking Clip
With screw (Black)
High Quality PU Clip
1. BPC Decking Board
150mm(W) x 23mm(T) x 2900mm(L)
Install with Gap Spacing of 5mm
2. BPC Decking Keel
40mm(W) x 24mm(T) x 2900mm(L)
Running @ 300mm c/c
3. BPC L Profile
40mm(W) x 24mm(T) x 2900mm(L)
Side Cover
4. BPC Decking Riser
100mm(W) x 10mm(T) x 2900mm(L)
Thin Board

Product Range

C01 - Sienna

C01 – Sienna

C51 - Caramel

C51 – Caramel

C02 - Charcoal

C02 – Charcoal

C03 - Coffee

C03 – Coffee

C11 - Smokey Grey

C11 – Smokey Grey