Laminated Flooring


Everlasting designs that never fails to impress with its original and natural apprearance.

Premier Series collect invigorates modern design philosophies. Be it a post modernist interior or a sleek minimalist ambience, the design possibilities are endless.

The structure are true to life and exceptionally innovative. Deep Emboss (DE)
Elegant embossing with imprinted glossy lacquering effects to enhance the visual and the touch senses of the surface. Silky Gloss (SG)

This innovative surface texture is to induce the combination of matt and gloss finishes simultaneously, exuding the best rustic and exotic features of the decor. Get A Floor Premier Series is backed by 35 years warranty, you can walk with confidence and sleep in peace!

1. Outer Protection

  • Highest clarity
  • Made from Aluminium Oxide (AL203) which has high endurance for wear and tear
  • Ensures stain free surface
  • First of its kind:Enhance Wood texture comparable to real wood texture.
  • Eco-friendly product consisting of non-toxic or non-heavy metal substances and is able to be disposed as a non-water pollutant
  • Engineered in USA

2. Design Layer

  • Realistic pattern and texture design
  • Exotic wood finishing appearance
  • Non-toxic biodegradable decorative paper
  • Long lasting visual effect and fade resistant
  • High precision and definition printing quality
  • Europe origin

3. Hydroseal Edge Protective System

  • Highest moisture resistant
  • Minimizing squeaky sounds
  • Exceptional stability

4. Easy Installation

  • Our unique Swiss + Joint design perfectly syncs with one another for optimal performance and durability.
  • Swiss + Joint is the fastest and easiest installation available, just simply angle the plank at a 25 degree angle and lock the planks in.

5. Balancing Film

  • Dimension stability and support
  • Superior moisture resistant
  • Graded as non-hazardous and zero-water toxicity
  • Europe origin



Building the beautiful floors since 1990, Get A Floor Sdn Bhd stand behind our product quality and workmanship so you can have the peace-of-mind to take a confident step with us.

Acacia Chocolate

193 x 1283 x 8mm (2.665 sqft/pc)

Cardiz Oak

193 x 1283 x 8mm (2.665 sqft/pc)

Victoria Oak

193 x 1283 x 8mm (2.665 sqft/pc)

Authentic Oak

193 x 1283 x 8mm (2.665 sqft/pc)

Prestige Oak

193 x 1283 x 8mm (2.665 sqft/pc)

Waveless Oak

193 x 1283 x 8mm (2.665 sqft/pc)

Glorious Oak

193 x 1283 x 8mm (2.665 sqft/pc)

Victorian Oak

193 x 1283 x 8mm (2.665 sqft/pc)