Vinyl Plank

Lohas Resilence Vinyl flooring is most commonly used in kitchens and office because its durability, low maintenance, and it’s resilence to messes associated with kitchens and offices. Lohas Vinyl floorings are available in a huge range of colors, patterns and textures. Advances in technology have allowed Lohas vinyl floorings to convincingly replicate the look of many traditional flooring surfaces such as stone, hardwood, and ceramic tile floorings. Lohas Vinyl flooring allows home and shop owners to customize their floor with a durable, attractive, and very affordable covering.

Lohas Vinyl flooring is one of the cheapest flooring options available and is available in two basic formats: plank and tiles quare design.

  • Vinyl flooring is a durable and resilient material that is nearly imperious to water damage and resistant to almost all staining agents. It is easy to maintain, long lasting and relatively inexpensive.
  • All of these characteristics combine to make vinyl one of the most popular flooring choices for both residential and commercial projects.

Product Features

Our products are manufactured using the latest technology, which incorporates a high performance, high definition designs, and highly stable core layer and backing layer.


Termite Resistant

Water Proof

Environmental Friendly

Coaster Chair Resistant

Chemicals Resistant

Cigarette Burn Resistant

Impact Resistant

Light Resistant