Wood Decking & Wood Ceiling

Wood Decking

Composite wood outdoor decking with it’s features & benefits of termite & water resistance, easy installation & maintenance, environmental friendly & aesthetically so close to real timber suggesting it’s the ideal product for the out-door decking various applications..

Wood outdoor decking with widest ranges of decking choices in terms of budgetary prices, colour finishes & sizes, in order to meet the customers needs.

Wood Ceiling

Wood’s Ceiling Strip & Wall Panels, with features and benefits like termite & water proof, easy installation and maintenance , pre-finished surface with natural wood grain, are your ideal product for all your ceiling or wall applications both indoor and outdoor.

Enjoy the homogenies wood looking finishes but skip the hazel of insects / termite attack, with almost no maintenance required along it’s life span!

Best recommended for roof eave / over hand ceiling, interior decoration, external wall covering and all others ceiling and wall applications.